Vitamin C Powder Essence
1. Spread the essence generously directly on the face.
2. Apply it over your face including the skin around the eyes area and pat the remaining liquid essence into the skin.
* Apply suncream when use in the day.
* One bottle is to be finished in a week.
Vitamin C Brightening Booster Ampoule 
1. Hold the bottom of the container and turn it. Shake it up and down 3-4 times to activate the ampoule formulation.
2. Pumping 3-4 times, apply it over your face except the skin around the eye area. 3. Pat the leftover ampoule into the skin.
* Apply suncream when use in the day. 
Pure Peeling Gel
1. After cleansing, remove the water on the face thoroughly. 
2. Take an appropriate amount and apply lightly over the entire face except around the eyes and mouth, and massage gently.
3. After the keratin waste had been pushed out, clean the face with lukewarm water.
Aloe Daily Suncream
Tip 1: At the last step of skincare, apply a generous amount on over face.
Tip 2: Reapply throughout the day as needed, especially during prolonged sun exposure.